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Embrace the latest in innovative Florida home technology with motorized window treatments from California Designs

A modern home simply isn’t complete unless it has been blessed with the latest in innovative technologies. Introducing motorized window treatments: these incredible blinds and shades contribute to enhanced everyday living and bring about a sense of style to any and every room in which they are placed.

Looking for a motorized window treatments company that you can count on for eye-catching designs and functional operations? From sunscreen to sheerwave motorized shades, California Designs is the leading specialist in motorized window treatments in Florida.

These special blinds and shades are controlled with a battery-operated remote control which can rotate the blinds and shades by up to 180 degrees, giving you greater power over your light and privacy.

Along with simply being an outstanding, innovative addition to the home, motorized blinds and shades are also very practical in nature – especially if you have a few particularly high, difficult to reach windows!
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The question is, which motorized blinds and shades will fit in best with your home? Now, our most popular product is that of the hardwood shutters. With 5½” louvers, they promise enhanced insulation, a better view of your favorite outdoor areas, and the ultimate in custom creation opportunities. In short, choose your preferred color and size, and we will create them for you from scratch.

For more information about motorized window treatments in Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, North Palm Beach, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach and Wellington, be sure to get in touch with California Designs today!