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A tale of two hardwood floorings

For years, people thought of solid as the only hardwood flooring material but, more and more, people are choosing engineered, and it’s taking over a large portion of the wood flooring industry.

Engineered hardwood is the right choice for people who love the aesthetics of wood, but who also have a practical bent.

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Yes, engineered is real wood.

So much so that real estate sales associates are legally allowed to advertise it as such in their marketing materials. (People often pay more for a home with wood floors.) It also adds the same value to your home.

It is available in a large assortment of species, colors, and finishes and, like solid, it can be refinished; the number of times depends upon the thickness of the material.

Only the construction is different. Solid is one slab all the way through the plank, but engineered is a slab on top, with layers of genuine wood mixed with some other materials, all placed in a crisscross position.
To put it into perspective, most people want a quartz countertop. It’s one of the top choices, and it can be a little pricey--but that material is 95 percent quartz plus five percent other minerals; yet, you wouldn’t consider it anything less than quartz, would you? It’s the same with engineered wood.

That construction makes it more stable, better able to handle water, and offers more versatility in installation possibilities than solid. It won’t expand and shrink to adjust to the weather so it doesn’t need acclimation before installation. It can be installed in some places where solid can’t, and while it can’t be installed in a full bath, the powder room is fine as long as it’s dry.

Engineered hardwood is slightly less expensive than solid, and also durable. Take care of it as you would any other. Please remember that it’s not waterproof so wipe spills immediately and never let it be submerged in water.
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