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Leading Supplier of Hardwood Floors from Europe, USA and Asia

Hardwood floors have certainly become a popular flooring option in Florida. Hardwood flooring offers an aesthetic appeal and long term durability that is hard to beat. At California Designs, we offer a wide selection of engineered and solid hardwood flooring options as part of our flooring solutions.

Hardwood floors are typically available in various board widths which range from 3″ to 18″ wide and board lengths to 14′.
Of course, you simply need to book a free consultation with one of our hardwood flooring experts and we will assist you with choosing the right hardwood type and finish.

We will also assist with the professional and accurate measuring of the area and our highly skilled and experienced team will handle the installation with exceptional workmanship. There is no denying our hardwood floors offer the ultimate in flooring solutions.

When comparing our flooring products and installations with other flooring companies, prepare to be impressed.

Top Brands of Hardwood Floors on Display at California Designs

Bassano Parquet – Italy
Tavolato Veneto – Italy
Grato – Spain
Foglie D’oro – Italy
Boen – Norway
Kahrs – Sweden
Ribadao – Portugal
Haro – Germany
Preverco – Canada
Mercier – Canada
Mirage – Canada
Greyne – USA
Legno Bastone – Europe
Provenza – China

When opting for hardwood flooring from California Designs, you will be able to choose from the following types of woods:

  • Oak - French, European, American, Italian
  • Maple - Canadian
  • Walnut - Appalachian, European
  • Larch - European
  • Acacia - European, African
  • Cherry - Brazilian, American
  • Teak - Asian
  • Olive - Italian
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Palm Beach County, FL from California Designs

Learn More about Our Range of Hardwood Floors at California Designs

Our hardwood floors are designed to provide your home with accentuated warmth and richness. Each flooring type is tough and durable to ensure many years of service too and once installed, your home will enjoy an instant increase in value. Hardwood flooring offers a natural beauty and warm appearance which will enhance and compliment your existing interior décor. With our help you can achieve just about any aesthetic appeal from modern contemporary to traditional, country to eclectic – we simply have it all.

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