Plantation Shutters


Enjoy Superior Durability and Undeniable Aesthetic Appeal
for Your Florida Home with Hardwood Plantation Shutters

California hardwood plantation shutters are considered some of the finest shutters in the world due to their superior design and the undeniable quality of workmanship that goes into their creation. Hardwood plantation shutters are a firm favorite when it comes to window solutions and treatments as they are versatile, more affordable than most window treatment options and also add instant value to the property. They are typically considered a fixed feature in the home as they are custom designed and as a result, they are generally the only window treatment that can be financed into the purchase of a property.

Plantation Shutters

At California Designs, we offer fine-grained hardwood plantation shutters to the market. These are made from Western Alder, which is a fast growing, renewable hardwood species found in the Northwest, primarily Oregon and Washington. The Alder hardwood plantation shutters feature similar characteristics to the cherry, birch and maple shutters – all of these woods are actually noted for their outstanding machining and finishing characteristics.

Alder wood offers an unsurpassed quality surface for a fine furniture finish. It doesn’t contain pitch, sap or mineral streaks and so doesn’t fall victim to bleed-through problems which mars the finish of other wood types.

In short, these hardwood shutters are a wise investment for your home and will offer you a long term, attractive aesthetic appeal.

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Order Your Hardwood Plantation Shutters from California Designs

At California Designs in Florida, we offer a range of California hardwood plantation shutters that are finished using only environmentally safe processes. We believe your home can look absolutely exceptional without having a negative effect on the environment. With many years of experience in the interior design business and working with both window solutions and flooring solutions, we have noticed these wide louvered hardwood plantation shutters have fast become one of the most popular window treatment styles on the market. Their main features include.

Wide louvers increases your outdoor view.

Moveable louvers allow you control of your lighting.

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