Window Solutions for West Palm Beach

Did you know that West Palm Beach is the fourth wettest city in the Unites States? During the hot, humid wet season from May through October, more than half of the days bring afternoon thunderstorms with sea breezes to cool the air for the remainder of the day. There have also been a number of direct or near direct hits from hurricanes. In the dry season – we can’t really call it “winter” – temperatures of 80°F are common even from December through February.


A durable window solution to protect windows and doors from storms and high winds without compromising the aesthetics of a home is to install hardwood plantation shutters. The folding louvered shutters allow you maximum control light, noise, and temperature. When the weather is mild, retractable, stacking shutters extend your space by merging indoor and outdoor living areas.

Green solution

Selecting hardwood plantation shutters that use only environmentally safe processes ensures that your home looks exceptional without impacting negatively on the environment.

Window shutters are an energy efficient way to reduce heat gain in your home by allowing ventilation and natural daylight to enter your room while blocking most direct radiation.

Bang for your buck

Because hardwood shutters are typically considered a fixed feature of your home, they add instant value to the property. Not only can they be financed into the purchase of a property, but plantation shutters offer a long term, aesthetic appeal to be enjoyed from day one.

If you are looking to let the sunshine and light in and maximize views in your West Palm Beach building, California Designs offers an extensive selection of window solutions, including plantation shutters which are renowned for their superior design and quality workmanship. Contact us to find out more.