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Five reasons to love carpet

Carpet flooring adds warmth, richness, and elegance to a home. This makes it a preferred choice of flooring.

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Carpet conversations

Here are some points of clarity for many common carpet questions.
  1. Yes, you can have it even if you suffer from allergies and asthma. The bottom-line is the fibers trap dust, pollutants, and other undesirable things and they stay there until it’s deep-cleaned. That is a fact that has been proven by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Vacuuming only gets the surface dirt. It can’t reach into the fibers, and it will NOT wear out your soft surface, no matter how often you do it.
  2. You can have it even if you have kids and pets. Modern technology has improved fibers so much that many of them have excellent durability and stain resistance. Just as importantly, though, do not neglect professional cleaning. It’s like anything else, the better you take care of it, the better it will look.
  3. It won’t make you feel hotter. Unlike some materials that transfer heat and cool, carpet absorbs them. If the room is cool so will be the floor.
  4. Professional cleaning makes the rug last longer. Soil and dirt cut and fray fibers. When dirt builds up, your carpet will also be dull and matted, stains will set and it will not look as clean. It might also be in the manufacturer's warranty; many will not cover damages if the carpet isn’t cleaned at regular intervals.
  5. It wears out fast and needs replacement often. No, not if you take care of it and have proper padding. We know people who have had the same rug for 20 years, and it still looks brand new. Installation requires special tools and skills. Don’t try it yourself, leave it to the professionals.

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