The Many Uses for Panel Track Window Blinds in Wellington

Say goodbye to boring, old school window blinds in Wellington and hello to versatile, stylish panel track window blinds instead. These new age blinds can be used in a variety of different ways, effortlessly complementing both the interior and exterior of most modern homes in Wellington and beyond. We take a look at the many uses of these types of window solutions below.
Sliding Doors

If you were under the impression that vertical blinds were the only option for covering your sliding doors, think again! Panel track blinds work just as well in this regard, plus they look a lot more interesting, too. Panel track blinds offer plenty of privacy, are simple to operate, offer effective light control and have been designed to be used to cover large spaces, making them the perfect choice for sliding doors regardless of size. Not only will they work for traditional sliding doors, they’ll also look great when paired with large picture windows.

Patio Doors

If your Wellington home is lucky to feature stunning French doors or patio doors, you have probably struggled to find the right blinds that are just as stylish as they are functional to match the beauty of these doors. The good news is that panel track blinds are excellent options for these types of doors. This is because they are easily customized to suit the unique length and width of your doors. In these instances, these types of blinds are generally installed as a wall mount and can, therefore, open from either side, or even from the center if you prefer. Your options are practically endless.

Room Dividers

Unlike many other window solutions, panel track blinds can be used for a lot more than simply covering doors and windows. The truth is that they can also be mounted on the ceiling to act as a creative room divider. This is a great choice for homes with a more open plan feel.

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