The Best West Palm Beach Flooring Solutions

Decorated with beautiful, tall palm trees and boasting some of the most sought after houses in the area, West Palm Beach is certainly a stunning place to live. If you are lucky enough to own a property here and are close to completing your dream home, you may be looking for that last finishing touch that will bring it all together: the best possible flooring solutions!

Whether you want to invest in stylish hardwood flooring or simply purchase a couple of modern carpets and area rugs, California Designs is where durability and quality meet. Our flooring solutions can be expertly tailored to suit your needs, budget, and the individual personality of your special West Palm Beach home.
Durable, Trendy Hardwood Floors

Here at California Designs, we do so much more than simply help you decide which hardwood flooring option will best complement your interior. Our team of trained experts also assists when it comes to the measuring of the area in which your hardwood floors will be placed. From there, our professionals will take care of the installation from start to finish, promising you exceptional workmanship and fast, awe-inspiring results. Knowing this, there is certainly no denying the fact that our hardwood floors offer the ultimate in flooring solutions in West Palm Beach… and beyond!

Comfy Carpets and Area Rugs

If you’re already satisfied with your home’s floors, all that’s left to do is add something special to help finish them off. The right carpet or area rug can make all the difference! Remember, if the room is already colorful or boasts a variety of bold statement pieces, it is best to stick with a neutral-colored carpet or rug. However, if the room is more natural in appearance and you want to add a splash of color or pizazz, feel free to choose a carpet or area rug with a personality all of its own! Not sure which choice is best? Fear not! Our team will be there to advise you every step of the way.

For more information about our varied range of West Palm Beach flooring solutions, do not hesitate to give us a call!