South Florida Window Treatments

Classically beautiful window treatments add the finishing touch to the interior décor of your South Florida home. There is a wide selection of stunning window treatments available for the dining room and living room. Many people don’t realize that you can get creative with the window treatments in other rooms too, including the bathroom, laundry, and kitchen. If you are looking for these types of South Florida window treatments along with creative inspiration when it comes to choosing a few modern trends to try out, read on…

Bathroom Window Treatment Ideas
A bathroom is a place of privacy so steam protected window treatments are always a great idea. Roman shades also create a lovely contrast in the bathroom: they are soft and add a sense of delicacy to an otherwise ‘hard’, cold interior. Vinyl shutters are another great choice: they are more durable than wood and, because of this, are well-suited to humid environments like the bathroom and kitchen.

Kitchen Window Treatments Ideas
The kitchen is a family-oriented room and a place where most people spend a lot of time. It makes sense to add a splash of color wherever you can – why not go crazy with some vibrant patterns and bright, eye-catching shades? If you want something a little bit more elegant, modern valances also work very well.

Suggestions for Laundry Room Window Treatments
It seems logical to choose clean, white laundry room window treatments. However, wooden blinds and solar shades have also proved to be popular in the last couple of years. The secret is to create contrast with your already-existing décor scheme. If the room is already quite colorful, basic wooden blinds will be perfect. On the other hand, if the room is clean and simple, colorful, soft blinds might be just what you need to perk up the atmosphere.

For the best contemporary window treatments in South Florida (West Palm Beach, North Palm Beach, Jupiter, etc.) be sure to get in touch with California Designs. From natural Roman shades to Pirouettes, Silhouettes, and everything in between, we’ve got you – and your windows – covered!