Plantation Shutters in West Palm Beach

4 Reasons Why Plantation Shutters are the Ideal Window Covering for Your West Palm Beach Home

You will undoubtedly feel overwhelmed by the window covering options that you have for your West Palm Beach home. At California Designs we often suggest plantation shutters to our clients as they offer a variety of benefits to the home owner.
Below are our top 4 reasons why you should choose hardwood plantation shutters for your West Palm Beach home:

  • Plantation shutters are considered permanent fixtures in the home as they are custom designed and fitted. They therefore add value to the home and can even be included in the home’s purchase finance.
  • These shutters offer better light control with their adjustable panels.
  • Plantation shutters provide privacy in a way that curtains or drapes cannot.
  • Unlike curtains, drapes and various other kinds of blinds, plantation shutters add an element of safety to the home. There are no strings or added attachments that can cause injury or pose as a strangulation hazard to children and pets.

It is best to choose plantation shutters that are manufactured from hardwood such as Western Alder. This hardwood is a renewable species that is predominantly found and readily available in Northwest, Oregon and Washington areas and offers similar characteristics to cherry, birch and maple wood shutters.

Plantation Shutters for Your West Palm Beach Home from California Designs

At California Designs we custom design and install hardwood plantation shutters in the West Palm Beach area. We have worked in many homes in the West Palm Beach area and pride ourselves on presenting the market with shutters that offer a superior design and quality. We also guarantee our quality of workmanship and will ensure that you are consulted with at length before any of the design, manufacturing or installation work begins. We also encourage you to browse through our gallery or visit our showroom to see the quality of our work and products.

Feel free to contact us via email or telephone at California Designs in West Palm Beach and chat to one of our consultants for more information and advice on our window coverings and window treatments today.