Plantation Shutters in Palm Beach Gardens

The Best Plantation Shutters in Palm Beach Gardens Now Available at California Designs

Bring the vibrant outdoors that gives Palm Beach Gardens its character into your home with plantation shutters from California Designs. We stock California hardwood plantation shutters in a wide variety of finishes to suit a variety of preferences. We’ll provide you with shutters that will help bring your decor together.
California hardwood Plantation Shutters are top of the range in interior design. They are known the world over as being the finest in the world. If you want superior design quality, we have what you need. We’ll provide you with plantation shutters that exhibit the finest quality in workmanship.

Enjoy the vibrant outdoor life that Palm Beach Gardens has to offer while in the comfort of your home. The wide louvers of the shutters allow you to bring the outdoors in. You can enjoy unbroken views and create a light and airy atmosphere in your home.

Our hardwood plantation shutters are made from fine-grained hardwood. This hardwood is obtained from the Western Alder. This renewable hardwood tree grows in Washington, Oregon and other parts of the Northwest of U.S. The trees used to make the shutters are obtained from sustainable forests. We believe in making your home a haven without destroying the environment.

The Western Alder produces wood that is unsurpassed in quality. Hardwood from the Alder produces the finest furniture finishes available. Our plantation shutters feature the finest finishes available from hardwood shutters.

Plantation shutters from California Designs not only provide a great aesthetic appeal, but are also durable. They are one of the most affordable window treatments available. They are a worthwhile investment for your Palm Beach Gardens home. Visit our showroom today to talk to a consultant and learn how you can have shutters fitted and installed in your home.

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