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Plantation shutters FAQs

What are plantation shutters?
Why are they called plantation shutters?
How do plantation shutters work?
How long do plantation shutters last?
Can you open windows fitted with plantation shutters?
Do plantation shutters add value to my home?
How to clean plantation shutters:
How to install plantation shutters – interior or exterior
How to measure for plantation shutters:
How to fix plantation shutters:
Are plantation shutters energy efficient?
Do plantation shutters block light in day/night?
Are plantation shutters still in?
What is the difference between plantation shutters and traditional shutters?
What is the best wood for plantation shutters?
Will shutters work for windows that are in different shapes?
Can I install plantation shutters on sliding doors?
Why are plantation shutters so expensive?
How wide can plantation shutters be?
Can you automate plantation shutters?
How much does it cost to install plantation shutters?
California hardwood plantation shutters are considered some of the finest shutters in the world due to their superior design and the undeniable quality of workmanship that goes into their creation. Hardwood plantation shutters are a firm favorite when it comes to window solutions and treatments, as they are versatile, more affordable than most window treatment options, and also add instant value to the property. For more answers to your FAQs about plantation shutters, contact us today.