North Palm Beach Flooring Solutions

North Palm Beach Homes Feature Flooring Solutions of Exceptional Quality, Durability and Style

When looking for the ideal supplier of flooring solutions in the North Palm Beach area, California Designs should feature on the very top of your list of options? Why? At California Designs we have a number of years of experience in the field of flooring. Our products are designed to last and our installation and manufacturing teams are proficient in creating and installing floors that will be long lasting and durable, even in North Palm Beach’s humid climate.
When looking for flooring solutions for your North Palm Beach home, we will present you with viable options based on important criteria such as the amount of traffic that is expected, whether there are animals and children in the home, how often you expect to clean the floor, what the desired end result or effect is and so on.

At California Designs we present hardwood flooring to the market as our recommended flooring option. We also present a range of carpets and rugs to be used to cover flooring and create even better aesthetic appeal and warmth within the home.

Our hardwood flooring is available in oak, maple, walnut, beech and Brazilian cherry. We only make use of hardwood flooring products that have originated from the finest manufacturers and suppliers including the likes of DuChâteau Floors, Foglie D’oro, Hallmark, Legno Bastone, Naturally Aged Flooring and Provenza. All of these brands are chosen for their dedication to durability, value for money and exceptional product quality.

Get the Best Flooring Solutions for Your North Palm Beach Home from California Designs

When looking for a supplier of the best flooring solutions in the North Palm Beach area, take the time to browse through our gallery at California Designs. We offer a variety of hardwood flooring finishes including smooth, hand scraped, wire brushed and old fashioned oiled.

We also welcome you to visit our showroom and contact us via email or telephone to discuss your flooring needs and requirements and available budget. We look forward to assisting you with all of your flooring needs.