Maintaining Dark wood Floors in West Palm Beach

Dark wood floors are a wonderful investment within any West Palm Beach home. Their rich color is easy to decorate around, and they are generally quite durable if maintained correctly and consistently. Here are our top tips for maintaining dark wood floors in West Palm Beach.
Choose the Right Kind of Dark wood Floors

Although they look absolutely stunning, glossy dark wood floors are notoriously difficult to maintain. This is because they show up every scuff mark and scratch. So unless you implement a strict no shoes, no pets policy in your home, it might be a better idea to opt for a matt finish. Take things further by choosing hand scraped, distressed detailing if you’re not averse to a bit of extra texture.

Set Up a Cleaning Schedule

Yes, keeping dark wood floors in immaculate condition takes a bit of effort on your part. However, all that it takes is a bit of planning to get right. Generally, aside from dusting every second day or so, you’ll only really have to attend to your dark wood flooring once a week. It is essential that you vacuum and mop when you do this, though. Make sure that the vacuum you use comes with a special hardwood flooring attachment. Vacuuming without one can lead to scratches – something you want to avoid at all costs. A vacuum with a strong suction is also a must and will cut cleaning time in half, no problem.

From a mopping perspective, a microfiber mop and a wood floor cleaning spray or polish is your best bet. Water can warp and damage dark wood flooring, so if you must use a traditional mop, you’ll want to wring it out thoroughly before using it on your floors. Keep all doors and windows open to encourage fast drying and to reduce the amount of water that the floors are able to absorb.

Ultimately, as long as you’re strict about your cleaning schedule and about keeping pets and shoes away from your stunning investment, your dark wood floors should continue to add value and style to your home for many years to come.

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