Investing In the Right Carpets in Palm Beach Gardens

Are you looking for carpets for your home in Palm Beach Carpets? In this article, the interior designers at California Designs, Inc. have compiled some of the must-have information regarding the different types of carpets, how to choose the right color, how to decorate your home with carpets, and how to keep them clean.
  • Carpet Color

    Choosing your carpet color is often one of the hardest decisions for home owners. The difference that neutral vs. bright vs. dark carpet colors can have on a room and home can be huge and it is often not easy to judge what the overall aesthetic look will be from just a tiny swatch.

    Neutral colors are usually the most popular carpet color for larger rooms such as living rooms because a bright or dark color can be overpowering. Neutral colors are also easy to match with both the different furniture items and the wall paint. If, however, you are looking for a statement piece or something unique for a play room, a bedroom or a study, then you should definitely consider bright and dark carpet colors. Avoid dark colors if the space lacks natural light though, as it can make your room look smaller.

  • Overview of Carpet Types

    The most common materials in carpet manufacturing include wool, polyester, nylon, and polypropylene. The type of fiber you choose as well as the kind of pile will impact the look and feel of your carpet. Nylon, for example, is very soft and resistant to stains, while polyester is prized for its ability to hold its color and withstand fading over time. Cut carpet piles are soft and easy to clean, while a Saxony cut pile creates a plusher, fuzzier carpet surface. Speak to your interior designer so that they can show you the difference between the various fiber and pile types.

    Other aspects that interior designers can help you with include decorating ideas for carpets as well as advice on how you should maintain your carpet. The designers at California Designs, Inc. can help you liven up your bedroom, living room, entrance hall or any other space with carpeting, and they can give you the cleaning tips you need to ensure your carpets always look great.

When it comes to quality carpets, California Designs, Inc. has a wonderful range to offer, where you will find all types and styles of carpets from woven wool to durable nylon varieties. If you want something unique, contact our consultants so that we can custom design the right carpet or rug just for you.