Invest in Carpets in North Palm Beach, FL

Why It’s Still a Good Idea to Invest in Carpets in North Palm Beach, FL

Over the last few years, the leading flooring solutions across the USA have been hardwood floors. But what about classic carpets? North Palm Beach, FL, home owners definitely shouldn’t write off the value of cozy, stylish carpeting. Below, we look at a few reasons why area rugs and carpets are still a winner!
Types of Blinds and Shades:

  • Carpets Save Energy
    Even though North Palm Beach, FL, is generally very warm most of the time, it can get chilly during the winter months. The good news is that carpets help to trap warmth much better than wooden flooring, ultimately leading to a decreased energy bill.
  • Carpets Look Beautiful
    While wood floors are certainly stunning, it is impossible to deny the fact that carpets are just as beautiful. They add an enhanced ‘homey’ feel and can help to complement the furniture within each space. Let’s face it – there is nothing quite like a gorgeous carpeted family living room!
  • Carpets Are Cheaper
    When you factor in all the costs pertaining to installation, cleaning, and general maintenance, most interior décor experts agree that carpets are the more affordable option in comparison to the many other flooring solutions in North Palm Beach, FL.
  • Carpets Are Safe
    Carpets are a wonderful idea for home owners to consider if they are living with young children or older relatives. This is because they reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls quite drastically indeed!
  • Carpets Are Eco-Friendly
    Green living is becoming a must for all households in the area, which is why so many home owners are now opting to lay carpets. Thanks to new technologies, older carpets are often being recycled into newer versions and other products, too. It is because of this that they are generally the eco-friendlier choice when it comes to flooring solutions.

Now that you know the main reasons why carpets and area rugs are still a great idea, you are probably wondering which ones would be the smartest to invest in. Here at California Designs, Inc., we offer our clients a wide range of choices, including popular brands such as:

  • Couristan
  • Fabrica
  • Kane
  • Masland
  • Nourison
  • Stanton

For more information about how we can assist you in finding the right carpets in North Palm Beach, FL, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.