Tavolato Veneto

Tavolato Veneto Hardwood Floors

Generations of Italian design and wood manufacturing.

Artisan wood manufacturers from Italy have specialized in solid and engineered wood floors for generations. We keep a close eye on designs and trends worldwide, and an open mind to satisfy each customer with our extraordinary customization capabilities.

Our wood is sourced from some of the most historic mills in Italy.

Several generations of the Italian design and wood manufacture are visible in these extraordinary products.

Products from the intricate inlays of wood, metal, and stone to beautifully finished wide plank flooring.

The art of sawing, cutting, shaping, gluing and finishing wood has been part of the DNA of the artisan manufacturers of the Veneto region of Italy for generations.

Precision in all aspects of the woodworking process results in beautifully finished works of art.

Tavolato Veneto

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