Dark Wood Floors, North Palm Beach

Considering investing in dark wood floors in North Palm Beach? If so, you’re not alone! Dark wood flooring has become increasingly trendy. It looks stunning when placed in practically any room of the home, from the kitchen and living room to the bedroom and dining room. Courtesy of the experts at California Designs, here are some décor tips to keep in mind.
Kitchens with Dark Wood Floors
If your kitchen is on the smaller side, dark wood floors may not be a great option. That is unless you know how to find a good balance between colors and light. Dark wood flooring looks gorgeous when placed in spacious kitchens, however. In instances, such as these, the darker the better!

Living Rooms with Dark Wood Floors
Dark wood floors are excellent options for the living room. This is true not only because they add a strong sense of sophistication and class, but also because they are more durable than their light wood counterparts and can withstand a lot more foot traffic over time. They are often considered to be the most cost-effective choice for North Palm Beach homeowners due to this. Ensure maximum beauty by contrasting the dark wood flooring with lighter, neutral colors, such as whites and beiges.

Bedrooms with Dark Wood Floors
If you plan on using dark wood floors in your bedroom, it is a great idea to purchase a stylish area rug or carpet for added comfort and warmth. Also, be sure to preserve the dark wood flooring with regular maintenance: polish it for enhanced durability and longevity.

Why California Designs for Dark Hardwood Flooring?
At California Designs, we offer a wide selection of engineered and solid hardwood flooring options as part of our flooring solutions. We specialize in dark wood floors in North Palm Beach. We make it possible for our clients to choose from a vast array of different types of wood when it comes to flooring, all depending on their own personal preferences and requirements. Visit our website to look at examples or contact us today for more information and a no-obligations quote.