Dark Wood Floors in Jupiter, FL

Dark wood floors are classy, durable, and stand the test of time. They suit every style of Jupiter, FL, home, and allow you to update the look of your interiors with minimal outlay.
    • Kitchens with Dark Wood Floors
    A kitchen is the heart of any home. Does yours double up as homework station, gossip corner, gathering spot, and eating area? Oh yes, and don’t forget – food preparation!

    With such varied demands on the space, the flooring in your kitchen must be durable, easy to clean, and beautiful. Dark hardwood floors are a classic choice that ticks all these boxes.

    Compared to the more common choice of tiles, wood does cost more than good quality tiles. However, labor costs are generally less. Plus, hardwood floors last longer, are gentler and warmer on your feet and are less easily damaged. Even water damage to your hardwood flooring can be fixed or replaced in smaller sections.

    • Living Room with Dark Wood Floors
    By far the most widespread type of flooring used in living rooms is hardwood. Dark wood floors provide a sophisticated and welcoming impression and are hard-wearing enough to endure high traffic. Hardwood floors with a WearMax advanced ceramic finish are tough. The finish is based on materials used to protect NASA astronauts during their 17,500 mph re-entries.

    • Bedrooms with Dark Wood Floors
    For the best quality relaxation and sleep, dark wood floors add warmth to bedrooms. By installing hardwood floors in your bedrooms, you create a rich and elegant look.

    • Why California Designs for Dark Hardwood Flooring
    If you are ready to transform your Jupiter, FL, home by installing dark hardwood flooring, please contact the team at California Designs, Inc. for a free quotation. With many years of experience in the industry, we will help you to select the perfect flooring solution.