Choosing the Right Window Treatments in Jupiter

The many window treatment options available for your Jupiter home can become overwhelming. If you want to ensure that you select the right window treatments or coverings for each room in your Jupiter home, consider our tips and advice below.

One of the biggest factors that should affect your window treatment choices over and above style is that of functionality. The functionality that you are looking for will determine which window covering is required. Consider the following:
  • For complete darkness and privacy, lined curtains are the ultimate solution. Lined curtains can be more expensive than regular unlined curtains, but offer more than just light blocking advantages. They also shield the curtain fabric from sun damage and can deter drafts and breezes too.
  • If you are looking for a light or sunny appeal, choose unlined curtains that allow light to filter through. You can also opt for light weight blinds made from natural materials such as reeds or bamboo.
  • To add value to your property and to incorporate a contemporary and modern appeal, opt for plantation shutters. These are quite popular in Jupiter and are bound to be the ultimate window coverings for your home. Plantation shutters are considered permanent features and as such the cost thereof can be worked into your purchase finance.
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Window Treatments to Boost Your Jupiter Home’s Value and Appeal

At California Designs, we offer a wide selection of window treatments for your Jupiter home. We also offer our clients professional window covering installations and the option to motorize / automate your window coverings.

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