Choosing the Right Carpets for Each Room in Your Wellington Home

Carpets have a way of making your Wellington home feel cozy and inviting. Unfortunately, many home owners struggle to choose the perfect area rug or carpet for each room within the house. To help save you some trouble in that regard, the California Design, Inc. team provides you with some helpful pointers below.
  • The Bedroom
    Seeing as though the bedroom is where you unwind and rest after a long day, it makes sense to invest in something truly luxurious – and the thicker, the better. If you prefer hardwood flooring in your bedroom, a thick area rug will work just as well.

  • The Living Room
    Living room carpets and rugs should also be warm and welcoming. If you also want to enhance the room’s stylishness, a woolen carpet is a great choice. If the living room is on the smaller side, consider buying a carpet that is more neutral in color as this can make the space seem larger. If the room is big enough already, then feel free to experiment with a bit more color if you wish.

  • The Dining Room
    There are plenty of opportunities to get creative when it comes to laying a carpet or rug in the dining room. How about a stylish Persian carpet? Or an area rug with a bold patterned design?

  • The Bathroom
    Throw that grubby old bathroom mat away and consider investing in trendy wall-to-wall bathroom carpets instead! With one of these creations, you will never have to worry about walking barefoot across the freezing bathroom floor ever again.

  • Children’s Room
    The carpets in children’s rooms need to be durable and easy to clean. Due to the fact that the little ones are bound to enjoy plenty of messy fun, it would also be a good idea to opt for a darker color that won’t show up stains and dirt as easily.

When it comes to area rugs and carpets in Wellington, you can always count on California Design, Inc. for the very best. Our showroom is stocked with some of the world’s most respected brands including Stanton, Kane, Courtisan, and more. Contact us for more information today.