Hardwood Floors

hardwood floors

Benefits of Dark Wood Flooring

Hardwood floors give a sense of class and sophistication to any interior, but few flooring types or interior décor elements can have quite such dramatic effect as dark wood flooring. If you’re ready to take the plunge, then it’s a good idea to do a...

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Area Rugs or carpet

Dark Hardwood Floors Decorating Ideas

Hardwood floors are stylish and timeless, plus they also require very little maintenance and, if properly cared for, tend to outlast their carpeting counterparts. If you're thinking about embellishing your home with classic hardwood flooring, you're also probably thinking about how to decorate your home...

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5 Questions on Hardwood Flooring

If you’re thinking about installing hardwood flooring in your Florida home, the chances are good that you have a few questions. Below are answers from California Designs to the most obvious questions you may have: What are the Benefits of Hardwood Flooring? Aside from the fact...

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