Carpets Jupiter FL

Even though Jupiter is home to over 60,000 residents, this Palm Beach County town is definitely a beautiful beach town at heart. Originally named in honor of the Hobe Tribe, the name Jupiter came about as the consequence of miscommunication between the founders and some mapmakers! While that may have been a mistake, choosing to carpet your Jupiter, FL home is never a mistake.
How To Choose The Right Carpet

Choosing the right carpet is essential if you are to get a good return on your investment. For a result that works perfectly in your home and around your lifestyle, knowledge is power. There are many criteria to take into consideration when selecting a carpet; and many different materials, colors, and designs available. Rather than letting this overwhelm you, read up on the subject and consult your flooring expert. You will then be able to confidently make an informed decision.

A hardwood finish on your stairs can become slippery and dangerous. Stair carpets are a much safer option. Not only are stairs one of the highest-traffic area of your home, but the force of gravity increases the impact of that foot traffic. Choose a carpet for your stairs based on its quality and durability.

Bedroom carpets are your most “intimate” choice. To start and end your day on a positive note, select a carpet for your bedroom that is soft and plush, warm, and thick enough to be an acoustic barrier to outside noise.

When selecting entrance hall carpets, or carpets for your lounge or living room, it is important to bear in mind that shoes fresh from the outdoors may traipse over them.

Different Types Of Carpet

The two basic carpet constructions are cut pile and loop pile. They can also be combined, creating a cut and loop construction. Different surface effects can be produced, and are known as styles. Here is an easy guide to the carpet styles you will come across:

  • Cut pile – once carpet yarn is looped through the backing material, the loops are sliced.
  • Plush pile – a level-cut pile where the yarn has and retains more twist.
  • Saxony – a relatively high pile and the end of the tuft flairs slightly to produce a luxurious smooth surface.
  • Frieze – separate strands are closely twisted, resulting in an erratic curl and kink.
  • Loop pile – carpet yarn is looped through a backing material, but the loops are left intact.
  • Level loop pile – the basic loop pile of equal height and a close-fitting construction.
  • Multi-level loop pile – constructed of different pile heights which creates a sculptured surface.
  • Sisal – a heavily textured loop pile carpet which looks similar to traditional mats made from plant fibres, but a more urban alternative.
  • Berber – made of thick yarns which are tufted into chunky loops.

Carpet Brands

We offer an extensive range of carpets for your Jupiter, FL home. The exclusive brands which we stock include: Couristan, Fabrica, Masland, Kane, Nourison, and Stanton.

Why California Designs For Choosing And Installation Of A Carpet In Your Home As experts in the carpet industry, we have laid carpets in some of the most magnificent homes in Jupiter. Contact us electronically, or call 561-625-5250 to consult with our team of interior specialists.