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Carpet FAQs

Carpets have magical powers. They provide warmth and homeliness into any room, and they tie together a room and color scheme. They can even make a room feel smaller or more spacious. Carpets are a fabulous alternative to tiles as they offer an added layer of protection to your floors and coziness to your space.

We have compiled some carpet FAQs for you.

Choosing carpets

How to choose a carpet for the different rooms in my home
How to choose the carpet color
How to choose carpet padding
Which carpet style is best for my home?
How do I choose between natural and synthetic fiber?
What carpet to choose to make your house look brighter?
How to choose a carpet to go with hardwoods:

Carpet installation

How long does carpet installation take for 3 rooms?
How much does carpet installation cost?
How to measure for carpet installation:
How to prepare for carpet installation
What is tackless carpet installation?
What if I can’t remove furniture for carpet installation?
How Long After Carpet Installation Can I Move Furniture?

General carpet questions

How hygienic are carpeted floors?
Do carpets improve noise levels in a home?
What type of carpet is the most durable?
How do I prevent static electricity?
How can I get rid of dents made by furniture?
How to remove mold from a carpet:
How long does a carpet last?

Carpet maintenance tips

Treating stains
Maintenance tips