Wood Flooring Trends

Wood Flooring Trends

Engineered oak flooring is a continual popular trend in wood flooring styles, and it seems to stay in fashion no matter what season it is. Natural, cream and pale colors are always trendy, and always look good. Other flooring materials go through phases when they are used everywhere and then they suddenly disappear, while wood flooring is timeless.

Random Pattern Planks

During 2016, a well-liked trend was to use wide floor planks as they create their own distinct "pattern." Being wider, they are also longer which creates a very chic look it also means less join marks so making the floor look more spacious. Oak flooring that is manufactured is cut from one log and so they illustrate the natural beauty of that piece of wood.

On the other hand, using different sized planks end up with a random patterning effect which creates a comfortable, country feeling with the room having a relaxed feel to it.

Different Textured Wood Flooring

A hot new trend for 2017 is wood flooring with a different surface feel and texture to it. To create an old antique look, you can simply brush the wood with a wire brush, or have it scraped to create a new old fashioned look. We have a design called Boardwalk and it is a fine example of this style. The edges are also bevelled which gives it a great popular ‘edgy' look.

Looking for a smart, mature look?

Look no further than our fashionable grey-toned floors. Grey has become the new "in" color and matches with everything, being touted as the new "neutral." Different variations of grey, such as a smoky tone that brings out the knots and grains in the wood is a very modern look that adapts very well to any flooring space. The oak floor can also be lime-washed which fits in with state-of-the-art spaces and those of a bygone era.

Going darker than smoky grey is going to be a popular look in 2017, including dark beige. Some floors might even appear to be close to a very black colour. The disadvantage, however, is that dark floors tend to make the room small and poky, so it becomes a very personal choice, even though it does hint at great sophistication.

Other popular trends

As sought-after as the dark floors seem, the lighter ones are equally fascinating and popular giving a fresh Nordic appeal to the room. White and natural hues lend themselves to an airy and spacious feel. They also do not show dust.

Some people prefer distinct patterns such as the well-know herringbone arrangement on parquet flooring. This kind of trend never seems to go out of fashion. You can also ask for a herringbone pattern with planks of wood, that really draw one's attention. Finished off with hard-wax, they create a great new look.

Real old oak that has been retreated and smartened up continues to draw interest. However, as more and more of it is reclaimed, supplies will start to fail. This kind of flooring really brings back the Southern charm of the twenties and thirties.

All in all, there are lots of exciting old and new wood flooring trends to choose from whether you prefer modern or old fashioned, we have the look you desire. Contact us for more information on transforming your living floor area to a timeless new pattern.