Window Treatment Ideas For Bay Windows

Window Treatment Ideas For Bay Windows

Bay windows are an interesting anomaly because it is not a full window in the traditional context. A lot more thinking has to go into choosing the right window solutions and options for bay windows than for normal windows.

You can dress the inside of the window, the outside of the window, or both. Some people dress bay windows as a normal window and frame out the outside of the window with window panels. If you are not concerned about privacy, then you can focus on dressing the outside of the window. If you want to dress the inside of your bay window for privacy, then you can use a soft shade or a hard shade, such as a regular blind that you would normally use or blinds that can be raised up and lowered. This will give you the privacy that you need, whereas the outside of a bay window can be dressed with panels or other decorative elements to give you a double-layered effect.

Remember that with a bay window, you can also use decorative items such as throw cushions if you have a seating space. These cushions may have to be custom-made based on the size of your window, but it adds that little extra to make your bay window a feature within your home.

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