Window Treatment Challenges and Solutions

Window Treatment Challenges and Solutions

Are you trying to find a window treatment that will suit your specific windows? Instead of trying to determine whether an option will work or not, we've identified the top concerns and challenges that people face. We suggest a few window treatment options that can help you overcome these challenges:

  • Maintaining Privacy
    Whether you are closely situated to your neighbors or simply don't want passersby looking into your home, there are a few window treatment options that can help you achieve this goal while still ensuring that a lot of natural light is able to enter your home. If this is a concern for you, the best window treatments include Luminette shades, Trio shades, Cellular shades, and Silhouette shades.

  • Long Windows And Uniquely Shaped Windows
    Not all homes come with standard-sized windows, which is why window treatments can be designed according to your window's specifications. If you have long windows that are a bit tougher to open and close, consider motorized window treatments. With this option, you won't have to struggle with opening and closing your window treatments manually. If a motorized window treatment isn't an option for you, you could also consider roller shades, draperies or vertical blinds for your larger windows. If your windows have a specialty shape, then you can get fabric shades, honeycomb shades, and wood blinds tailored to your exact specifications.

  • Humid Indoor And Outdoor Conditions
  • Many parts of Florida can get particularly humid. If you are worried about the corrosion of metal wood treatments or the longevity of certain woods, invest in a treatment like roller shades, vinyl shutters or faux wood blinds.

Our interior designers in Florida are here to help you invest in the best window treatments for your home. Contact us for more information today.