Why Hardwood Floors Are Still The Gold Standard For Homes?

Why Hardwood Floors Are Still The Gold Standard For Homes?

Hardwood flooring is a big investment and, therefore, you need to select the best option for your individual needs and your budget. Learning about the characteristics of each species will help you pick the right one effortlessly and efficiently.


  • Oak
Oak is the most familiar type of hardwood. It is generally less expensive than other hardwood flooring options and owing to the strong graining of the oak, scratches and dents that develop over a period of time are better camouflaged than other hardwood flooring types. Oak also stains well, so changing the color of the floor is effortless.


  • Maple
Maple is a slightly harder wood when compared to oak, it is lighter in color, and it is also pricier than oak. Maple has less graining and it presents a smoother and sleeker look. Most gymnasiums have Maple wood floors. Maple is more modern while oak is more classic and traditional. Maple is more likely to turn slightly yellow over time, particularly in rooms where it is exposed to light.


  • Installation Options

  • 5 Inch Oak Strip Flooring
One of the most popular options is 2.5 inch oak strip flooring. These are relatively easy to install as it is nailed to the substrate. After the planks have been nailed down, it must be sanded and finished.


  • Pre-Finished Strip Flooring
Certain manufacturers have also started to produce pre-finished strip flooring. It is solid wood and it is delivered from the factory with an existing coating on top. The benefit of this option is that it can be walked on the same day as there is no sanding or finishing involved in the installation process.


  • Hardwood ‘Floating Floor'
There is also a hardwood ‘floating floor' options that glue or snap together. With this option, the floor does not have to be nailed down.


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