If you were asked to visualize a tropical paradise home, chances are that any window solutions would involve plantation shutters. Picture it: lush potted palm and bronzed limb in the foreground; white plantation shutters opening onto the cool blue ocean in the background. Bliss!

Five types of plantation shutters

  1. Full height plantation shutters are a popular choice with louvres running top to bottom. They offer flexibility and privacy. If your window is very wide, T-posts may need to be built in for additional strength.
  2. Half height plantation shutters are sometimes referred to as style. Covering only half the height of your window, these are not advised for very wide windows. For the best results, keep the shutter design fitted to the window, and match the colors of the frame and shutters.
  3. Top opening - or tier-on-tier plantation shutters are split like a stable door for the maximum versatility, privacy, and light. An excellent choice if you have tall, narrow windows. The number of rails required make it less suitable for wide windows.
  4. Track mounted plantation shutters allow multiple shutters to be pulled back to one side because the weight is supported. Small wheels are mounted at the top with the shutters hanging from the track. This gives you many more folding options.
  5. Shaped designs can be made to fit just about any shape, angle, or curve; making them ideal solutions to awkward windows. The window determines the design of these plantation shutters.
As you can see, the possibilities are endless when it comes to utilizing plantation shutters. On top of which, a leading architectural publication observed that they can increase the value of your home.

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