Why buy an area rug for your apartment?

Why buy an area rug for your apartment?

Let's talk about the area rug: it may seem like just another decorative feature in the modern-day apartment. However, it's more than that! It's both functional and versatile – a must-have item in your home.

First, we must pay respect to the aesthetic appeal of area rugs. They're available in various designs, colors, and textures. This means that they can make or break a room. Choose wisely and you can add just the right amount of color to an otherwise minimalistic room. Or you can choose plain rugs to break up a room that's already a bit busy.

If you're grappling whether to buy that snazzy new area rug you saw for your apartment, here are a few top reasons why we think you should! In fact, we have an entire range of area rugs to show you.

  • We've covered this already, but it must be said that area rugs provide great aesthetic appeal. Enhance the design and appeal of your room with an area rug – you won't regret it.
  • Rugs can create a feeling of coziness and warmth. Chances are that your guests are going to feel welcome and more at home if there are a few area rugs to make things more comfortable. Having visitors over on a chilly night? Isn't it great that they can get snug and relaxed with their feet on your plush comfy rug!
  • If you are prone to slipping and falling, an area rug can eliminate some of the risks of this happening. Most come with rubberized grip undersides. So, you can step onto your rug with confidence.
  • If your current flooring suffers a few nasty imperfections, you can use area rugs to cover them up with creative flair. They're the perfect disguise for those flooring blemishes that just aren't viable to repair right now.

And that's just the start of the extensive list of reasons we have for you to buy that new area rug for your Florida apartment.

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Area rugs are part of our flooring solutions at California Designs. We want to beautify your home while adding some functionality too – area rugs help us to do just that. We also supply and install engineered and solid hardwood flooring, if you're looking to redo your flooring. For more information and advice on which area rugs and flooring solutions are best suited to your Florida home, contact us at California Designs today.

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