Which Hardwood Flooring Installation Method is the Best?

Which Hardwood Flooring Installation Method is the Best?

Hardwood floors are more than just stunningly beautiful, they are incredibly durable too. However, if you want to make sure that your new flooring solutions last as long as possible, you need to pay special attention to the hardwood flooring installation method that you use.

  • Glue
    Directly gluing down the hardwood flooring is an excellent option – but it can be extremely complicated. This is because each board must be placed together onto the glue and kept properly aligned throughout the installation process. It can also be quite expensive (the glue in particular). Despite this, the end results are always favorable and long-lasting.

  • Nail or Staples
    This is the most traditional method of installing hardwood flooring and promises durability and efficiency. It is much easier to do than gluing down each board, however, the boards may start to lift or warp sooner.

  • Floating
    In this instance, all the boards are glued together so that the floor becomes a unit, instead of separate floor boards. This is arguably the easiest and fastest installation option.

  • Clic Loc
    This is a new method for installing hardwood flooring solutions. Typically, each of the boards is locked and folded together. This is another simple method and is the best choice for those who want to install their hardwood floors by themselves.

Ultimately, there is no method that can be considered ‘the best'. It simply depends on whether you are looking for an easy option or for an option that may be slightly more complicated but that promises longer-lasting results.

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