What You Need to Know about Decorating Floors with Area Rugs

What You Need to Know about Decorating Floors with Area Rugs

While one may think that choosing an area rug is a relatively straightforward decision, there are many important factors to consider before handing over that credit card! We answer some commonly asked questions below to help you out if you are someone who is thinking about making this particular type of investment.

Why Should I Buy an Area Rug?

Area rugs and small carpets are excellent choices for homeowners who have opted for hardwood flooring. They help to soften the look of each room while adding a coziness factor that brings everything together, making a house feel like a home.

Can I Place an Area Rug on Wall to Wall Carpeting?

The answer is yes, especially if there is a portion of the room that you wish to highlight… although getting this look right can be tricky! The first step is to assess the thickness of the wall to wall carpeting. If it is quite thick, then it is essential that you go in search of an extremely thin area rug. It is also important to avoid placing a heavily patterned area rug over heavily patterned carpeting. If your wall to wall carpet is heavily patterned, go for a much plainer area rug, and vice versa.

Where Should the Rug Be Placed?

This depends on the room itself, and on your personal preference. However, the general rule of thumb is to line up the edges of an area rug with some architectural elements of the room, like the end of a wall, for example.

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