What To Look For When You’re Buying A New Carpet Or Rug

What To Look For When You’re Buying A New Carpet Or Rug

Choosing the perfect carpets and rugs can enhance your home's aesthetic appeal. Whether you are fitting custom area rugs or choosing from our unlimited range of exquisite carpets, California Designs, Inc. can help you to add the final touches to your home. To help you along, we have compiled a list of tips on what to look for when buying new carpets or rugs:

  • Look For Style
The style of your carpets and rugs should complement the room. They do not necessarily have to match the space; however, they should gel with the tone and texture of the existing furnishings. Whether it is a traditional Persian or classic European style, or something modern with florals and geometrics, the right style is something to carefully consider.

  • Look For Color
The color of your carpets and area rugs can affect the atmosphere and personality of a room. A brightly colored carpet can liven up a dull room, while neutral carpeting can complement a room which already has a lot of color and patterns. It is all about striking the right balance.

  • Consider The Room Size
Choosing the right size area rugs may seem like a minor detail. But, having the wrong size rug is more noticeable than you think. To be safe, it is better to go too big than too small. Also, ensure that the distance between the rug and the wall is the same on all four sides.

  • Low Or High Maintenance?
Firstly, consider your lifestyle. If you have pets or children, choosing a white/brightly colored or ornate rug might not be the best choice. It is worth choosing something that will hide stains or that is easy to clean. Wall-to-wall carpeting is also a huge cost saver during winter. Carpeting retains warmth, keeps your house cozy, and reduces your heating costs.

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