What To Look For When Buying A Carpet

What To Look For When Buying A Carpet

While various flooring options come into vogue and out again, nothing beats the warmth and luxury of carpets.

Carpet Styles
There are various styles of carpet. Each one affects the look, texture, and performance of your carpet. A rule of thumb is that the more luxurious the surface, the more attention it will require. Which carpet style you select boils down to personal taste and room usage:

Start your day right by getting out of bed and feeling your feet touch the warmth and comfort of carpet in the bedroom. Most bedrooms are not exposed to heavy traffic, so this is an area where sophistication and decadence are encouraged!

Living Room
Hard wearing carpets make sense if this is a room you use for family gatherings and social events. A balance between appearance and robustness needs to be achieved – and is related directly to how much time you spend in this area.

Dining Room
Here again, the balance between appearance and durability will depend on how often, and for what variety of purposes you use this room. If this is more of a showcase room, be brave and be bold with your choice of carpet.

Often the first view of the interior of your home, so create a favorable impression. On the flip side, it is a high-traffic area that takes a lot of wear and tear. Do not skimp on quality here.

Stairs and Landing
Another busy space where a wool rich carpet is highly recommended. A stair runner is a fun way to introduce color and pattern.

Yes, you can carpet your bathroom too. Not ideal, though, if there is a chance it may get soaked regularly.

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