What Is Wood Patina

What Is Wood Patina

Name a few things that age well: cast iron pots, denim jeans, Daniel Craig, red wine - and timber. Antique and hand-me-down furniture tells the tale of its previous life with scuffs and habits; timber flooring wears the footfalls of generations past with grace.

Magical ingredient

Strictly speaking, wood patina is the result of wood being tarnished by age, wear, and exposure. Yet it is not a euphemism for dilapidated. It is the element which gives a wooden surface its je ne sais quoi, transforming the average to the extraordinary.

Wood patina is a blend of ageing Рproduced by rubbing, dusting, and waxing - along with oxidization of the wood, and sun exposure. Together, this natural process produces a bronze-like luster. Mahogany morphs from a reddish tone to soft shades of brown, gold, and grey. The grayish tinge in new oak changes to a rich brown. While the flat surfaces evolve with time, the darkened areas on the corners and around the handles - revealing years of use - further highlight the rich fa̤ades.

Juxtaposition of old and new

Timber is a widespread construction material, gaining favor with its warmth and robustness. While wood has stood the test of time, progress in technology has seen shrewd new ways of incorporating timber into contemporary interiors.

Whether you are looking to emanate the depth and nobility of patina in your hardwood floors or hardwood plantation shutters, there are many customization options available to you. It is not necessary to wait the two hundred or so years to own antique floors or shutters.

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