What are the different types of flooring?

What are the different types of flooring?

If it's time for new flooring solutions in your home, you are bound to be bombarded with options and decisions to make. One of the first areas of concern is the initial cost. Another concern that goes hand-in-hand with the cost is that of quality. The quality of your flooring will determine whether you're making a sound investment. Spending a lot less on flooring to cut back on expenses could result in an inferior quality flooring. This may result in having to replace it sooner or the need to repair it often. The best thing to do is to look at the various types of flooring on the market and find one that will suit your lifestyle as well as your budget while offering you many years of service. Below we have listed a few of the top options:

  • Hardwood flooring (solid):
This is by far a superior choice due to its unfailing durability and aesthetic appeal. Solid hardwood flooring planks simply don't go out of style and can complement any home's design and appeal. They are easy to clean, are healthier in terms of dust and allergens and won't scratch, dent, scuff or get damaged easily. This type of flooring is even great for better acoustics

  • Engineered wood flooring:
This type of flooring looks just like real hardwood flooring. However, it's not; making it slightly more affordable and versatile too. These floors are resistant to humidity and temperature changes. They are quickly installed with staples or glue. They can sometimes be floated too. With the proper care, they will not be easily scuffed or scratched.

We always recommend that you protect the longevity of your flooring by sweeping it often to clear it of stones and other debris that may scratch it. Even though our flooring options are tough and durable, to say the least, it is advised that you invest in a few area rugs to protect the high-traffic areas. Before choosing any flooring, it's best to analyze how much foot traffic the area receives, what furniture is to be placed on it and how often things will be moved around. Households with children and pets should consider durable flooring options. The types of flooring above will be a good match for any type of home.

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