Types of Plantation Shutters

Types of Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters give a house a real old-world look of comfort and coziness. Sometimes they are called plantation blinds. These shutters open into the inside of your house and have louvers at least 3½ to 4½ inches wide. States in the warm Southern and Western parts of America typically have houses with these types of plantation shutters.

The louvers are rather a big size and they lend themselves to airy spacious bedrooms and dining rooms giving them a dignified look. Smaller rooms such as kitchens and studies can also benefit from these stylish shutters - and many people prefer the darker look with stained shutters.

You get three types of plantation shutters - those made of vinyl, wood or composite. Let's see what each kind looks like.

Vinyl Plantation Shutters

These are the most reasonably priced shutters, however, the really cheap ones can have problems with staying in one piece. They are not made of wood but rather a PVC or aluminum type of material. People would buy these for the charming, relaxed feeling it gives to their house, but they are at the bottom end of the financial scale. Despite this, they are resistant to extreme weather conditions and do well in areas that are very moist.

There are three types of vinyl shutters - hollow vinyl, structured hollow vinyl and solid vinyl. The hollow shutters are just that - not much substance to them, and they tend to bend over the years as they cannot be made very large because the support is not very strong.

The structured hollow vinyl shutters are a better quality and are made with a vinyl skeleton which supports the shutter.

The solid vinyl shutter is a sturdy shutter which has blown PVC inside the frames so offering a more solid base.

Some shutters can be made of is solid vinyl with an aluminum bar inside them for more support.

And lastly there are vinyl shutters neatly covered with wood for a stronger structure. Being built this way means they can withstand more moisture than the other shutters.

Composite Plantation Shutters

These shutters are often called fake wood or faux wood as they are made from manufactured wood which is produced from MDF (medium density fiber boards), and then covered with vinyl or a PVC layer. They are pleasing to look at, reasonable priced and very weather resistant, as well as being an attractive substitute for wood.

Wood Plantation Shutters

These are the crème-de-la-crème of plantation shutters, especially the ones made of basswood, which have the distinction of being very light-weight and equally as strong. Wood is easily molded into different shapes or designs and it can be painted or stained.

On the whole plantation shutters are an asset to any home, helping to create that relaxed country feeling that will add character to your home for many years, no matter which type you choose.

For more information, contact us. We can show you our full range of shutters, and we can design and custom-make any shutter to fit any particular window. We can achieve the charming look you want by adding these timeless accessories to your windows.