Top Custom Window Treatment Ideas

Top Custom Window Treatment Ideas

Your home's windows are one of the first things that are noticed in a room. With the right window treatment ideas, you can truly transform each room within your home. Window treatments have the ability to create ambiance and character and to do that, you need to know what your options are and what the top 10 custom window treatment ideas are. Below are 10 pointers to assist with sifting through the various on-trend window treatment ideas in Florida at the moment.

Top Ideas To Consider For Your Florida Home's Windows

  • Top types of window coverings: it's always best to consider all the types of possible window coverings when trying to create a certain aesthetic appeal within the home. Top options on the market at present include wooden blinds, faux wooden blinds, shutters, mini blinds, panel track blinds, honeycomb shades, woven wood blinds, Roman shades, roller shades, sheer shades, pleated shades and solar shades.

  • Window treatment style ideas: the appeal you are trying to achieve will come down to window treatment styles. For modern style, choose contrasting contemporary window covering options. For a creative appeal, have your own fabric/material printed with your own design or logo or similar. You can complete the creative look with ruffles, bows, hems, and embellishments. Elegant windows require big folds and a soft appeal. Opt for Roman shades in a hue that slightly contrasts your wall color. If you are looking for something really unique, go for bold colors and contrasts on your blinds and shades. By making your window treatment the room's focal point, you can really add an interesting element to any room.

  • Window treatment ideas per room: each room in the home is different and by choosing the right window treatment, you can create the right atmosphere for each room. For the kitchen where there is a lot of steam and moisture, a faux wood blind is a good option. This type of blind ventilates well, won't warp or fade, and is very easy to clean. For the bedroom, a private and more luxurious atmosphere is probably required and for this, you could opt for black-out shades or cellular shades that provide a soft diffusion of light. In the living room and dining room, you will do most of your entertaining and gathering. Solar shades are a great idea here and for a more relaxed and homey feel, opt for cellular shades.

  • Window treatment ideas for doors: for sliding doors, panel track blinds are a good option as well as vertical cellular shades. For French doors, consider sheer shades as they are able to filter light in softly. Roller and solar shades are also a popular option.

  • Window treatment ideas for windows of different sizes and shapes: for bay windows where a clean and neat appeal is required, shutters and wood blinds are a good choice. For a more relaxed appeal, opt for Roman blinds. For tall or lengthy windows, you can choose just about any blind type, just make sure that you consider how you will operate them. Motorized blinds often make for a good choice. For arched windows which are typically decorative features, it's best to consider cellular shades which are available in arch shapes.

  • Valance ideas for your window treatments: to add a little extra interest to your interior decor, a valance is a nice and creative touch. These are purely decorative and only cover the top portion (no more than a third of the space) of the window. Your valance can offer a contrast in color with your window treatment or it can be plain or even ruffled and folded. Some of the best valance ideas are those that add a subtle difference. After all, it's just a finishing touch.

  • Window treatment ideas by price: of course everyone wants to save where they can. If you are looking for an economical window treatment option, mini blinds and vertical track blinds offer variety and affordability. For a clean and neat appeal, roller shades are also a fairly affordable option.

Whether you want to create a traditional, classic or contemporary appeal within the home, taking the time to consider all the window treatment ideas possible will be time well-spent. For more information and advice regarding window treatments in Florida, contact California Designsvia email or telephone today.