Tips on How to Keep Your Carpets Looking New and Smelling Fresh

Tips on How to Keep Your Carpets Looking New and Smelling Fresh

Few materials are more natural or more beautiful than carpeting. Not only does carpeting give your home a warm, homey feel, but it also offers thermal and acoustic benefits.

Many people mistakenly believe that maintaining carpets is more work than other hardwood flooring options, but with these tips, you will be able to keep your carpets looking new and smelling fresh all year round:

  • Invest in Area Rugs
Any home will have certain areas that are more ‘lived in' than others. Invest in area rugs in areas that receive a lot of footfall, such as the kids' playroom, the television room or the living room. This rug will need regular cleaning, but it's often easier to get a small area rug cleaned than cleaning the entire carpet. You can also use areas underneath heavier furniture items so that that the feet of couches, desks, and chairs don't damage your carpets.

  • Vacuum Regularly
Vacuuming can pick up a lot of the dirt and dust that makes its way into your house. If you can commit to weekly or bi-weekly vacuuming, the number of times you will have to invest in a deep carpet cleaning throughout the year will be greatly reduced.

  • Add Baking Soda to Your Cleaning Regimen
You don't just want to remove the dust and dirt from your carpet; you also want it to smell great. A simple tip to achieve this is to sprinkle a bit of baking soda on your carpet before you vacuum. Let the baking soda settle into the fibre of your rugs for a few minutes before you turn on the vacuum cleaner.

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