Tips for maintaining your plantation shutters

Tips for maintaining your plantation shutters

There's no doubt about it; plantation shutters are a sound investment for any modern home. In fact, you can greatly increase your home's curb appeal and overall value simply by installing plantation shutters. These are considered a permanent feature of the home and as such should be well-taken care of. If you have opted for wood plantation shutters, there are a few things that you will need to do to ensure that they are well maintained and kept in the best possible condition.

Plantation shutters are generally manufactured from Western Alder which is a type of hardwood species that is naturally beautiful and durable. When kept properly cleaned and maintained, these wood shutters will add the perfect elegant and modern appeal to your home.

Below are a few of our top tips for maintaining your plantation shutters:

  • Clean the shutters at least once a week to prevent dust build-up. You can vacuum the shutters or wipe them with a slightly damp cloth.
  • Avoid using soapy water to clean the shutters as this can cause damage to the shutter material.
  • You should give the shutters a thorough once-over at least once a month to ensure that all the detailed areas and crevices are properly cleaned out.

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