Tips For Maintaining Your Plantation Shutters

Tips For Maintaining Your Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are excellent window treatments if you are looking to add a touch of custom elegance to your home. California Designs provides some of the finest shutters in the world. They are expertly designed and crafted using Alder wood, which is known for its quality and prolonged lifespan. Despite this guarantee, caring for your shutters is essential. Here are a few tips on how to maintain your plantation shutters:

  • Clean Them Weekly
To prevent a build-up of dust and other residues, clean your shutters at least once a week. Start with a soft brush and wipe off any remaining dirt with a dry cloth. Avoid using cleaning agents, as they can cause damage over time. But if necessary, use a mild detergent or white vinegar. Rough materials such as steel wool and scrapers should also be avoided when cleaning your plantations shutters.

  • Make Them Shine
One of the primary characteristics that make plantation shutters so appealing is their smooth finish. To maintain their sheen, use a soft cloth and apply a small amount of diluted wood cleaner or non-wax furniture polish.

  • Handle With Care
To avoid damaging your plantation shutters, open and close them gently. Most shutters have panels called louvers connected to a tilt rod. Traditionally, this small rod sits in the middle of the shutter. The tilt rod is connected to each louver with small staples. To open and close your shutters, gently pull up or down on the tilt rod. No force is necessary.


Some shutters have a hidden tilt rod, which is either built into the frame or sits behind the louvers. In this case, you can tilt one of the louvers directly, which opens/closes the others as well.

California Designs, Inc. offers a variety of window solutions with the best plantation shutters. Contact us for more information today.