The Top Window Treatments for Yachts

One of the biggest and least thought of problems with owning a yacht is that of keeping the heat out during the day. With no source of shade on a sunny day on the high seas, the cabin of your yacht can quickly become a sweltering oven. Fortunately, there is a solution. With over 20 years' experience in window treatments on yachts and boats in Jupiter, California Designs, Inc. can make that cabin a cool and comfortable place in the heat of the day.

Blinds and Shades

The best way to keep a cabin cool is to keep the sun out. You don't want to board up the windows as that will stop the air circulating and make the cabin very stuffy, but you want to ensure that the interior is shaded from the rays of the sun. Blinds and shades are the ideal way to do this. We suggest the following options:

  1. Horizontal Blinds
    The traditional cost-effective blinds, horizontal blinds are functional and affordable. They provide relief from the heat and give the interior of the cabin a stylish, modern look.

  2. Roman Shades
    These shades can be made with light filtering fabric, which gives them a dual purpose:
    • to filter the light that passes through the shades during the day, and
    • To block light at night allowing you a restful sleep.

  3. Bamboo and Bali Shades
    For a more Zen feel to the interior of your yacht, the stylish Bamboo and Bali shades will bring nature with you onto the high seas.

  4. Natural Woven Shades
    Not all window treatments need to be from the future. Our natural woven shades will give your yacht a rustic feel.

  5. Panel Track Blinds
    For a larger window such as a sliding door or observation room glass, the panel track blinds offer incredible value for money and promise outstanding aesthetic appeal.
California Designs, Inc. is the specialists in window treatment in Jupiter. From your yacht to your home, our blinds and shades are the best on the market. We have a full range of window solutions and an exciting showroom to display them in. Contact us today for more information.