Questions to ask before buying plantation shutters

Questions to ask before buying plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are an age-old American window covering. They are stylish, iconic and functional. While more and more people are investing in plantation shutters for their homes, like any investment, it is always good to make an informed decision before joining the craze. Here at California Designs, we have compiled this list of considerations before you choose which plantation shutters would be best for you and your home.

  • Materials
    Wood is the main go-to material for plantation shutter. Lightweight wood like poplar makes for a good choice as you don't the shutters to be too heavy. However, vinyl shutters are also an option and maybe better suited to high humidity areas like bathrooms.

  • Midrails
    A mid rail is a solid wood or vinyl plank that bisects the shutter. This means that the top half and bottom half of the shutter operate independently, allowing you to fine-tune the amount of light that enters a room. It also comes with the added benefit of leaving the bottom half closed for privacy and the top half open for light meaning you don't have to open and close the shutters each day.

  • Maintenance
    Plantation shutters are by-and-large rather easy to maintain, requiring only a daily dusting to keep clean. Bear in mind that larger louvers and vinyl or poly shutters make for easier cleaning than wood.

  • Versatility
    While shutters are typically used on windows, their design allows for interesting applications, including using them on sliding glass doors, cabinetry or even as lightweight room dividers.

  • Insulation
    Plantation shutters act as ideal temperature control appliances. Closing them will eliminate and cold draughts and hot UV rays and opening them will let in natural light to warm up your home.

  • Return on Investment
    Plantation shutters are often listed as major selling points on houses and they add an element on ‘curbside appeal' giving a higher price on your home should you choose to one day sell it.

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