Popular Window Solutions in Palm Beach

Popular Window Solutions in Palm Beach

No home is complete without the right window solutions and if you are looking for window treatments and coverings for your Pam Beach home, you have come to just the right place. It is true that with the right curtains, blinds, shades or other coverings, you can enhance the interior appeal and comfort of your home. The right window coverings can limit light and heat into the home and can go a long way towards creating a comfortable environment that enjoys modern elegance too.

In Palm Beach, popular window solutions include the following:

  • Plantation shutters - these are considered a fixed feature in the home once designed and installed, which means that they add instant value to your property once installed. As a result, the cost of these shutters can be worked into the finance for the purchase of the home. Fine-grained hardwood plantation shutters manufactured from Western Alder wood species are a popular choice for luxury homes in the Palm Beach area.
  • , Conrad Shades - this range offers custom handwoven window coverings. Modern, original sunshades from the Conrad range are highly sought after and for good reason. Various styles are available in the Conrad range including roman shades; roll up, sliding panel and drapery.

In addition to our Plantation shutters and Conrad shades, we also offer other popular window treatments that will add both aesthetic appeal and value to your home. These include the likes of solar shades, natural roman shades, Hartman and Forbes shades, vignettes wooden blinds, luminettes blinds, pirouettes blinds and more.

Get Appealing and Durable Window Solutions for Your Palm Beach Home at California Designs

At California Designs, we make it our duty to ensure that your Palm Beach home features only the finest quality window solutions on the market. When consulting with us about the various window coverings and treatments that you have available, you will learn that we will visit your premises to take precise measurements and will also ensure that your new window solutions are professionally installed for a flawless final result.

If you would like to learn more about our window solutions, take the time to browse through our online gallery, visit our showroom floor or contact us via email or telephone at California Designs today.