Part 2: Choosing and positioning an area rug in your home

Part 2: Choosing and positioning an area rug in your home

In Part 1 of 'How to position an area rug and choose the correct size', we discussed the positioning and the size of area rugs for living rooms. The emphasis was on where the couch and chair legs went depending on the effect required. Let's now visit the other rooms, looking at positioning relative to walls and furniture centerpieces.

  • Large area rugs with border spaces

Border Space: Your rug almost fills the room, but not quite: a border of 12 to 15 inches between the rug and the wall can create a dramatic visual effect. This can be especially effective in in-home office areas, sunrooms or family playrooms. However, you don't want this space to be too big as it will lose the effect or make the rug look shrunken.

  • Large area rugs to warm bedrooms and dining areas

How many rugs do you want around a furniture centerpiece such as a bed or dining table? Do you want to feel plenty of plush area rug under your bare feet around a bed? Or do you need just enough around a table to warm a dining area?

  • Area rugs in hallways

Area rugs for hallways are often used to the best effect if there is a significant border around the rug. This said they should cover the walking area and not be so narrow as to tend to bunch up. However, if the hallway is wide or long, a large 'runner' type area rug with a narrow border between it and the wall can create an interesting visual impact.

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