Modern Window Treatment Trends for 2018

Modern Window Treatment Trends for 2018

A beautiful home is a happy home! The good news is that it is easy to transform the interior of your household if you know which areas to focus on. While interesting furniture and accents can make a big difference, what really makes each room stand out is the addition of the right window treatments, such as horizontal blinds or natural Roman shades. Below, we look at some of the biggest window treatment trends to expect in Florida in 2018:

  • Bright Colors

Bright colors, and rich jewel tones, in particular, are set to dominate this year. They create a sense of elegance and work especially well when placed over the windows in rooms that have been decorated and furnished using a neutral palette.

  • Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains and window treatments allow plenty of light to penetrate the room, effortlessly warming up the atmosphere - both literally and figuratively!

  • DIY

Personalizing your window treatments is becoming especially trendy and can help you to ensure that your home is truly unique! Think trims with shells, buttons or glass beads, for example. It's time to get creative!

  • Organic Materials

Embrace the far-reaching trend that is 'green living' by investing in window treatments that are made from natural, organic materials, such as bamboo. This works especially well if you're hoping to achieve that gorgeous earthy look and feel.

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