Making Hardwood Floors Work

Making Hardwood Floors Work

As with any interior design element, color trends come and go. While wood floor colors such as grays and white-washing are trendy at the moment, dark wood floors remain a firm favorite among homeowners across the globe.

There are few things that can add such a strong sense of sophistication and warmness to a home than dark wood floors. As interior designers, we know that many clients love the idea of dark wood floors. However, they can often be hesitant because they are worried that the dark flooring may not work well with the lightness or airiness of their space. They may also worry that their other interior design elements, such as furniture, wall paint, carpeting, and trimmings, may not work well with dark wood flooring. The other aspect that you need to consider is the durability of your floor and the maintenance that you are willing to sign up for.

Certain dark hardwood floors can be tough to maintain as they can be prone to scratches and scuffs. If you have a lot of movement in your house and don't want to be worried about smudges, dust, and scratches, then you may want to consider engineered flooring instead. Advances in the industry make it possible for you to get replica wood at a fraction of the cost. You could also specify your flooring in glossy finishes if you want to achieve a reflective finish, or a distressed finish if you want a more forgiving option.

Working with an interior designer will help to ensure that you choose the right color palettes throughout your home and that the type, style, and shade of dark woodwork with your interior space and decor.

When you partner with California Designs, Inc., we can walk you through all of the options available to you. We can show you the difference that a coffee brown, for example, will have on your interior space, lighting, and color combinations as opposed to a hazelnut brown. Partner with the pros to make sure you invest in the best type of hardwood floor.