How to Prevent Fading on Window Treatments

How to Prevent Fading on Window Treatments

The best window treatments not only protect your indoor furniture, bedspreads, and rugs from sun damage, but they also help to control temperatures in your home. But, how do you protect the blinds and shades themselves from sun damage?

California Designs' window treatments are manufactured from the best materials for a functional and yet striking interior decor style. Still, prolonged exposure to UV light will cause even the best window treatments to fade. With that said, we believe that with better care and a few tricks you can protect your window treatments from the fading that's mostly caused by UV rays.

Below we offer tips on how to prevent fading on your window treatments and get the best use out of them.

Choose Window Treatments Best Suited to Your Climate
One of the best ways to prevent your window treatments from fading under the constant battering from the sun is to invest a little more effort when selecting them.

If you are drawn to the warm tones and appeal of real wood blinds but live in an area where you get a lot of sunlight, it may be wise to settle for the more sun-resistant faux wood blinds. Faux wood has properties to better handle over-exposure to sunlight.

Another window treatment with great UV light resistance is solar shades. They let in sufficient natural light while they are fabulously fade-resistant themselves.

Treat Your Plantation Shutters for Better Resistance to Sun Damage
Sometimes, there’s just no getting from opting for your preferred window treatment. And if plantation shutters are the only way you see yourself dressing the windows on your new home, there is a way to prevent them from fading caused by direct UV rays:

If your plantation shutters don't come pre-treated, you can coat them in a UV-resistant polyurethane-based paint. These paints come in a variety of colors so your pre-existing decor theme won't be thrown off. The paint will not crack, chip, or fade in the sun.

Install a Sun-Blocking Window Film on Your Windows
When installed on your sun-facing windows, window films will block out the UV light, which causes your choice window treatments to yellow and fade over time.

Window films evenly disperse natural light, filtering in just enough to keep your room well lit during the day. They are also an energy saving option because of their ability to regulate the amount of heat radiating into your home.

For the best quality of all the window treatments we have discussed (and many others), you want to place a call with the California Designs team. Being the oldest operating plantation shutter company in Florida, window treatments are the reason we get up every day.