How to Maintain Your Hardwood Flooring

How to Maintain Your Hardwood Flooring

As the oldest operating flooring solutions company in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, California Designs, Inc. are experts when it comes to maintaining your hardwood floors. While there is a multitude of flooring solutions to keep your hardwood floors looking new, we have found these work best:

  • How to Clean Hardwood Flooring
    Microfiber is the best option when it comes to cleaning hardwood flooring. It traps dirt exceptionally well ensuring that it won't leave anything behind to get trapped under your feet and scratch your darkwood floors. Additionally, the microfiber cloths or mops won't scratch the floors, as microfiber is one of the few non-abrasive cleaning solutions.

  • Polishing is Important
    Despite the aesthetic appeal of a shiny finish on your hardwood flooring, regularly applying polish will extend the lifespan of your floors. A good polish every 2 to 3 months will ensure a sealed surface, making your hardwood floors liquid resistant and repellent. Additionally, polishing with a buffering pad will erase any scratches. However, you want to ensure that you wipe the polish off as soon as it is applied, or else the polish that is left to sit will do the opposite of your intention and cloud your surface's finish.

  • Keep Out of Direct Sunlight
    Direct UV light and heat from the sun will cause your darkwood floors to age. They will get sun bleached and may warp. Use blinds, curtains, and other sun blocking devices to keep your hardwood flooring out of direct sunlight and rearrange your rugs and furniture often to keep your floors aging evenly.

California Designs, Inc. has been operating from Florida for over 20 years. With this wealth of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to install and maintain your hardwood floors in Palm Beach Gardens. Take a look at our hardwood flooring showroom or contact us for more information.