How to Incorporate Plantation Shutters in your Interior Design

How to Incorporate Plantation Shutters in your Interior Design

Shutters open outward though, don't they? No, they don't! There are 3 main types of classic and plantation shutters that open inward, and that can be incorporated into interior design with great effect.

Shaker style shutters
These flat, solid wood shutters block out all light and fold back when opened. They look especially good with antique or vintage furnishings and are reminiscent of old European homes. They look great with ‘shabby chic' interiors and especially suit high windows.

California shutters
California shutters are the indoor, inward-opening version of the plantation shutters characteristic of the southern states and almost ubiquitous with the old plantation homes of and original architecture or cities like New Orleans. Incorporated into fresh, colorful modern interiors, they add a beautiful transitional-style effect. The wide slats let in light while blocking out prying eyes, and the panel design lets you adjust the blinds to vary the amount of light the shutters let in. This style is, in effect, the solid wood big-daddy of modern blinds.

Cafe-style and tier-on-tier shutters
If you have traveled to France, you have seen the French Provencal version on Plantation shutters just about everywhere. These slatted shutters are designed and fitted so that you can open them up fully at the top to let in more light and the warm summer breeze while retaining privacy and avoiding glare at eye level by leaving the lower ones closed. Painted, stained or varnished natural wood, they look beautiful in any home, with just about any interior.

Contact us for information on our range of classic solid, tiered and ‘Southern' plantation shutters and how we can help you make these timeless window coverings a part of your interior design plan or the exterior look you wish to achieve. We also design and create custom shutters to fit any window size or shape.